ETC Aircrew Training Products

The new ESS offers great advancements for pilot preparedness with our Open Dome and Debriefing Station.
The Open Dome Technology offers 180 degree wide field of view technology to provide a realistic flying experience for ejection training and decision making training prior to the point of ejection. Recording devices strategically positioned allow for critical pilot feedback in the form of body position analysis and decision making critique. Instructors can then use the recordings to debrief trainees in a separate Debriefing Station where all procedure images along with the original profile can be replayed and critically reviewed for procedural flaws.

Open Dome Technology
Open Dome Technology for the Ejection Seat Simulator immerses students in flight training simulation. The wide field of view open dome that surrounds the user is created using any one of multiple synchronized projection point technologies, a fish eye lens projection system or a spherical mirror system for the most realistic ejection procedure training and evaluation available. The dome can be pulled away from the cockpit for access to trainee and ease of cockpit exchange. Learn More

Debriefing Station
With the help of high resolution recording devices instructors can review and debrief a student offering a comprehensive critique of the entire flight including flying procedure, the decision to eject and the correct body position for ejection. Cameras can be placed on the ejection seat itself, on an adjacent wall and/or within the dome for comprehensive study. Learn More

Wind-Blast Technology
A pilot ejecting from an aircraft at a speed of about 600 mph would experience 10G acceleration simultaneously with the aerodynamic wind-blast. Once the pilot activates the firing handle, the canopy is ejected and a wind-blast creates the experience of entering the aircraft slipstream during an ejection. Aerodynamic wind-blast technology simulates the sudden pressure associated with the ejection sequence. ETC uses compressed air to achieve this effect. Learn More