The GYROLAB GL-4000 is a high-fidelity, single seat interactive motion platform providing users with 360 degrees of continuous and simultaneous motion in 4 axes of motion (planetary, pitch, roll and yaw). Up to 6 Gs of motion stimuli are generated in the planetary axis. The GYROLAB GL-4000 can be used for flight training or research applications.
The GYROLAB GL-4000 provides a realistic flight training environment with a full, high fidelity cockpit of the client’s choosing. An interactive flight profile editor adds to the flexibility of the GYROLAB GL-4000 by allowing the operator to pre-program flight scenarios for Spatial Disorientation (SD) and Situational Awareness (SA) flight training. The interchangeable cockpit module adds to the unit’s flexibility and can be used for fixed wing and rotary wing simulators.
For research applications, the GYROLAB GL-4000 offers a full medical monitoring package, including heart rate and blood pressure. Occupants are closely monitored via the CCTV and verbal communication system. All data collected is easily stored, formatted and retrieved for future utilization.

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