With the reduction of in-aircraft flight hours and an increase in flight simulator use, it is imperative that the next generation of flight training include a complementary system that provides full motion—G on demand and sustained G forces—for pilots to optimally maintain their requisite G Tolerance and G Readiness.

Training in the ATFS-400 human centrifuge provides an alternative, realistic, G on demand and sustained high G flight environment that allows pilots to maintain requisite G Tolerance and G Readiness without the use of a live aircraft.

ATFS-400 31 Foot Arm High G Human Centrifuge

ATFS-400 31 – 4th Generation Dynamic Human Centrifuge
This latest generation system leverages simulation capabilities to recreate any training scenario and offers interchangeable cockpits for customer-designated aircraft. With aviation and space training applications available, along with high definition and night vision compatibility, the ATFS-400 provides the ultimate versatility in a tactical flight simulator. Learn More

High G Human Centrifuge

ATFS-400 25 – 3rd Generation Dynamic Human Centrifuge
With the ATFS-400 25, pilots are able to practice anti-G straining maneuvers in a task saturated environment while simultaneously experiencing the real physiological effects of flight—just like a live, in-air mission. Learn More