Spatial Disorientation Trainer GL-1500

The GYROLAB GL-1500 is a single-seat motion platform that provides users with 360 degrees of continuous and simultaneous motion in 4 axes of motion (pitch, roll, yaw, and planetary) while generating up to 2.5 sustained Gz motion stimuli. This basic, cost-effective unit can effectively be utilized for spatial disorientation training, flight training, and research applications.
This versatile trainer offers pilots an ideal simulator for spatial disorientation (SD) and situational awareness (SA) training with the option to edit the flight profiles offered by the interactive profile editor. The wide field-of-view visual system allows occupants to experience a visually immersive flight experience in an interchangeable enhanced cockpit configuration complete with aircraft specific instrumentation panel, throttle and stick.
For research applications, the GYROLAB GL-1500 provides complete medical monitoring CCTV and voice communication systems. The user-friendly data acquisition system and storage program provides an ideal way to keep track of all test data collected for further use.

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