ETC Aircrew Training Products

The Vestibular Illusion Demonstrator (VID) – Barany Chair is an economical introductory, single axis flight training device for basic disorientation training and research applications.
Supporting five Spatial Disorientation (SD) flight profiles, the vestibular illusion demonstrator (VID) – Barany Chair features a shielded enclosure, which ensures complete visual isolation from the surrounding training facility for an enhanced, more realistic training sessions.
The controllable rate of acceleration allows acceleration from between 0 and 25 RPM. Each system is offered with a standard, remote controller station, and physiological monitoring and data acquisition system.
The Vestibular Illusion Device (VID) – Barany Chair is equipped with medical monitoring capability and CCTV recording system. Its’ automated control profile editor is self diagnosing systems and the system as a whole possesses multiple safety features.

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