ETC Aircrew Training Products

Recognizing the need to integrate training technologies to reflect real life conditions and experiences, ETC is developing a more flexible and compact Oxygen Training System to be incorporated into the FALCON Altitude Chamber. The sturdy yet slender design uses both sides of the student’s seat. Instruments are then folded up and back into a stow-away position making chamber space more efficient. Due to its compactness more students can train at one time ensuring highest cost efficiencies and consistency in curriculum delivery. Each of the following technology offerings can stand alone or be combined providing a custom aero medically specific environment.
O2 Arm
ETC can replicate the switches and controls of a customer designated Oxygen Regulator. The regulator and O2 hose component is placed between the seats for student access. The unit is hinged so the whole arm can be folded up in a stow-away position. The O2 Regulator switches are within user’s reach towards the top of the O2 Delivery Arm. A communication link is incorporated near the switches for audio connection with the Operator/Instructor. As a result of the slimness of the equipment, visibility is not sacrificed.


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