ETC’s FALCON Altitude Chamber (Hypobaric Chamber) provides an environment where aircrew learns to recognize what their individual physiological responses are to a low oxygen environment and take corrective actions to re-oxygenate themselves and other aircrew.

Exercises performed within the FALCON Altitude Chamber/Hypobaric Chamber can be inclusive of training for hypoxia, hyperventilation, mechanical gas expansion and pressure breathing conditions which can occur during flight.

With an aircrew’s survival depending on how well prepared they are to handle the various challenging conditions which may arise in flight; it is highly desirable that all aircrew spend time training in an altitude chamber.

The FALCON Altitude Chamber provides the capability to demonstrate and educate aircrew on the challenges associated with rapid decompression both with and without protective equipment and help prevent hyperventilation and other pressure breathing concerns.

The FALCON Altitude Chamber/Hypobaric Chamber also provides wide latitude of operation that supports research and controlled experimentation, in addition to standard training operations.

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