ETC Aircrew Training Products

The G-LAB Motion Platform is a basic high-G trainer, generating sustained G forces up to 15G with an approximate onset rate of 8 G/sec from 1.2 G (idle level). The gondola’s roll motion is free-swinging, but damped in order to avoid oscillations. Realistic training is enhanced by out-the-window visual display system and the ability for a pilot to track a target aircraft using a realistic aircraft control stick. For training applications, the G-LAB Motion Platform is designed to provide refresher as well as initial tolerance training.
For research applications, the G-LAB Motion Platform is the ideal unit to support acceleration physiology research. Each G-LAB Motion Platform is equipped with complete medical monitoring capability, data acquisition system, and video and audio recording system. The flexible flight profile editor allows instructors to easily simulate any flight condition desired in a matter of seconds.

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