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ETC’s GYRO Integrated Physiological Trainer, Generation Three, (IPT-III) provides pilots with a hands-on, realistic Spatial Disorientation (SD) training experience. During simulated flight, a pilot experiences a variety of real world illusions on a realistic virtual extended Field of View dome display. Unlike disorientation demonstrators, in which a pilot is just “along for the ride,” a pilot in the GYRO IPT-III has full, closed loop control of the flight before, during and after the disorienting illusion. The GYRO IPT-III has a unique electro-mechanical motion base offering extreme stiffness, high reliability and low operation and maintenance costs. This motion base simulates fast jets, two-seat transports and two-seat helicopters.
Simultaneous Motion Cueing
Simultaneous motion cueing is absolutely necessary for SD training. In fact without simultaneous motion cueing, SD training is not possible. Simultaneous motion cueing is achieved utilizing a Stewart platform (hexapod), which is situated on top of a turntable bearing. The GYRO IPT-III 6 + 1 DoF Sub-threshold motion system supports realistic SD training with continuous vestibular stimulation in Yaw simultaneously with Pitch, Roll and Heave with minimal motion artifacts.
Fully Customizable Configurations
The GYRO IPT-III is highly flexible and reconfigurable based upon the customer’s needs. The system can be provided with a large dome-based visual system enclosing multiple projectors providing typically 220° azimuth X 65° vertical field of view and twin seat, fixed wing or rotary wing cockpit. Alternatively, for a more compact arrangement appropriate for single seat cockpits, the GYRO IPT-III can be fitted with a smaller enclosure and partial dome utilizing a single high resolution LCD projector with proprietary lens providing 120° azimuth X 90° vertical field of view.
GYRO IPT-III Capabilities
The capabilities of the GYRO IPT-III create a fully interactive learning experience whereby the pilot must maintain control of the simulator and fly through the illusion to a successful resolution during training. The customer creates his/her own illusion scenario, combining multiple illusions into one continuous flight for additional training benefits or if the customer prefers, using the interactive profile editor, the customer can create their own illusions.
Medical Monitoring and Data Acquisition System Available
The GYRO IPT-III is also offered with a medical monitoring and data acquisition system which allows usage by researchers while performing various quantitative studies on human physiology.

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