ETC Aircrew Training Products

The motion system of the GyroFlight is a 4 +2 Degree of Freedom (DoF). It duplicates the feel of a high performance aircraft through the use of a electro-mechanical motion base.
Exceeding the motion capability offered by the traditional 6 DoF hexapod systems, the GyroFlight provides continuous yaw motion while simultaneously providing pitch, roll and heave cues for a more realistic flight experience.
Additionally, the advanced motion control system of the ETC GyroFlight allows for precise control of the multi axes of motion thereby creating linear and angular accelerations, at both detectable and undetectable (sub-threshold) rates, supporting a variety of optional vestibular illusion flight profiles.
The Wide Field of View (WFOV), out-the-window visual display is precisely synchronized with the motion system and the pilot’s flight control inputs, to provide a realistic flight experience.

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