ETC Aircrew Training Products

The GAT-II is an approved Level 3 Flight Training Device. Flight hours can be logged in accordance with FAR Part 61.
The GAT-II General Aviation Trainer is a multifunctional Flight Training Device that is configured to replicate cockpit configurations and performance of single engine, multi-engine, and turboprop aircraft. This unique trainer combines the capability to support Spatial Disorientation Training, VFR, IFR, Mishap/Investigation Prevention and Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT).
The GAT II features an enclosed cockpit, realistic flight controls and a textured high quality out-the-window display to provide a highly realistic training environment. The 3 axes motion system is precisely coordinated with the visual display and the flight control inputs to provide a high fidelity learning environment. Aircraft configurations include single-engine, reciprocating, multi-engine, reciprocating, single-engine, turboprop and multi-engine, turboprop.

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