ETC Aircrew Training Products

Altitude Chamber Hood
Until now the tools to teach the effects of hypoxia have been primarily unrelated to the aero flight experience. By integrating cockpit instrumentation and visuals into the training for hypoxia, pilots will be better prepared for hypoxic conditions when they occur in real life. ETC is exploring ways to immerse pilots into the flying envelope. The following concepts address these challenges. All designs are compact and individually dedicated. Several options are being explored for Visual Projection: multiple source synchronized projectors, over the head projectors, and upward projection from the bottom of the hood.

Hood Projection
Many options for projection exist including over the shoulder, multiple unit synchronized projection, source point upward projection and rear projection. Electronics are easily embedded in the main support arm of the unit. The user is encompassed by the imagery surrounding him or her providing for a realistic task oriented flight experience in which to train for hypoxia.
Projection Surface
Visuals are projected on a personal enveloping screen as a pilot might see them happen in a real flight. Hypoxic conditions are introduced and the pilot is then able to translate its effects to the real flight experience. The hood is positioned low enough for instructors and operators to have a clear view of the student as the student trains. The hood can be folded up and out of the way when training is complete or for easy access to the student should a safety concern arise. The arms of the collapsed hood slide down into a wall mounted track on either side of the seat in its stowed away position.

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