ETC today announces the introduction of the new generation of its Ejection Seat Simulator (ESS).

Southampton, PA, August 25, 2010 — Thrusting Ejection Seat Simulator technology to an unprecedented level, ETC’s Aircrew Training Systems (ATS) Business Unit has combined flight simulation and emergency ejection training into a new high fidelity training device. ETC’s new ESS provides a maximum seat acceleration of 10 G with a suggested onset rate range of 100-140 g/s with the added feature of realistic flight experience. Until now, ejection seat trainers have focused solely on teaching safe ejection procedures and posture independent of the flying experience and the events that lead up to the decision to eject. The ESS immerses the pilot into a flight scenario constructing all of the events prior to the beginning of a sequence that may or may not result in the need to eject. This promotes more realistic experience training contextually in terms of fatigue, anxiety, task overloading and more.

The ESS is designed for instructor-led training as well as self learning with a specific focus on repetitive progression of procedure execution, body positioning and decision making. Key factors include: preflight strap procedures; failure/emergency recognition; verification of check list for failure; decision to eject; body positioning; and familiarization with physical impact of ejection forces. Several realistic flight profiles are embedded into the system. From these initial conditions the pilot is encouraged to recognize specific emergencies as they happen and which require flight adjustment and recovery to foster good decision making and instinctive response.

Training concludes with a debrief reviewing the dynamic activities of flight utilizing print outs, snapshots of critical moments in the process and video recordings. The components which make up the ESS technology include a briefing station, a high fidelity cockpit (based upon the customer’s choice of flight equipment) with authentic instruments, panels and flight controls, a three channel visual display system, the ejection seat, a base frame including launch rails and seat sled, pneumatic and electrical systems, a safety rail, Instructor and recording consoles, portable analysis station and appropriate safety features.

ETC’s ESS is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Standards and is Man Rated by ETC’s Aero Medical Training Institute (AMTI).

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