ETC Aircrew Training Products

ATS introduces the Dual Seat Helicopter Trainer concept to accommodate side by side instructor/student training. Pilots can now learn how to fly in tandem with their instructor using ETC’s advanced motion control system. This system uses linear and angular accelerations at both detectable and undetectable (sub-threshold) rates to support a variety of optional vestibular illusion Spatial Disorientation flight profiles. The dual seat helicopter trainer offers control stick, throttle and a full complement of flight deck avionics at each seat providing instructors the opportunity to demonstrate specific flight maneuvers with his own equipment.

A 180° wide field of view screen out the window look down and overhead visual display is precisely synchronized with the motion system of the dual seat helicopter trainer providing an interactive dynamic flight environment. The visuals are created using a series of fully synchronized and blended rear view projectors to provide a fully immersive dynamic flight experience.

Modular Training Capsules
The training capsule is modular and can be fully extracted from the sleek outer shell using a wide back entry door from the outer shell. This shell is positioned on top of ETC’s 4 plus 2 patented motion based system specifically designed to support Spatial Disorientation training. The outer shell is made of a composite material. Separate side entries have been created for the student and the instructor. Customers may choose a specific cockpit configuration for the highest cockpit fidelity and multiple cockpit flexibility.